About us

For more than 30 years, Grammer Solar has been working in the solar air collector field. Working with renowned research institutes, we have optimised our products to achieve maximum performance and the highest quality on the market.

Formed from a department of the holding company Grammer AG, Grammer Solar developed as an independent company, gaining experience and competence. Today it is a company recognised for its Solar Air technology, its turn-key photovoltaic installations and its carrying out of integration solutions in buildings.

With its solar air systems, the company is leading the global market. The self-sufficient solar-air collector "TWINSOLAR" is today considered as one of the most fascinating Solar Products: A perfect solution to fusty odor and moisture, which is especially attached in domestic buildings, Alpine huts and holiday homes.

In the 90's, the photovoltaic sector of GRAMMER SOLAR began to trust in the use of special solutions, such as semi-transparent facades and roofs, or hybrid solutions. Today, Grammar Solar is a foremost supplier of photovoltaic solar power plants in Germany and Southern Europe.


With the opening of our branch in Valencia (Spain) we are beginning a new operation for the distribution of our own products - TWINSOLAR, TOPSOLAR, and JUMBOSOLAR as well as putting our solution products for photovoltaic and thermal projects onto the Spanish market.

Based on a network of partners, Grammer Solar intends to help make an agreeable atmosphere reach all EU countries through its hot air solar systems, while working for the protection of the environment and for energy conservation.