SolarAir brings old buildings into the solar age

Three in one ... heat, fresh air and hot water

Many homeowners have to dig deep into their pockets to make their home really cosy and warm. Still, modern living with the sun doesn't have to be expensive thanks to the installation of a SolarAir collector by Grammer Solar. A total renovation of the existing heating system isn't required.

In addition to reducing the heating costs, it also solves other typical problems in old buildings. Not only does it supply heat and warm water free to the door but it also provides fresh healthy air.

Solar heat delivered free

SolarAir systems can be combined with every existing heating technology. They can be retrofitted into the existing installation without interference and therefore with very little time and effort.Mounted to the sunny side of the building, they replace missing south-facing windows and supply solar heat "free of charge to your door" - including in areas with a typical north-facing position. Buildings which previously had to be heated intensely, even with brilliantly sunny weather, benefit a great deal from SolarAir systems.